Law Book Review – Murphy’s Law Book Two

The definition of law as defined in the dictionary shows that there are several types of laws. There are man-made laws, which we are all too familiar with and these include; traffic laws, rules, ordinances, regulations, tax laws, criminal laws and well, just about every type of law to tell us how to live our lives. Then there are laws of physics and natural laws; laws that if you break, there is no forgiveness.

Unlike man made laws you cannot get away with breaking them without consequences as every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Let’s face it gravity and kinetic energy will eat your lunch if you do not heed these natural laws. Next, there are laws of organization, chaos, probability and conflict, these laws are also a reality whether you choose to pay attention or wish to risk your luck. Now then, let me recommend a very good book to you on this subject;

“Murphy’s Law: Book II – More Reasons Why Things Go Wrong!” by Arthur Bloch, 1980.

The author discusses Murphy’ism and what he calls advanced Murphology in situational analysis, at work, in politics, and in industry with so-called experts, academics, consumers, families, and sports players and coaches. If it can go wrong it eventually will, and it will happen at the most inopportune time. From the introduction all throw this handy reference law book are real examples of how Murphy’s Law proves itself over and over again in observation.

Proving natural laws is never easy, it requires lots of proof and this book does just that. With man-made laws, the laws are whatever you make them. With natural laws, the laws are what they are, and they do not care if you don’t know them. There have no feeling, they just are, Murphy’s Law is a lot like that; find out why!