Financial Laws – Know the Principles to Your Financial Freedom

Everything in nature is governed by laws. Nothing exists, except it is set in by laws and also sustained by laws.
The earth revolves round the sun, based on laws. We walk on earth by the law of gravity. Things grow by laws. We live in an ocean of laws and principles.

Laws respects no one. If you put it to work, it will produce the results for you. Laws can work for you or against you based on your understanding and utilization of that law. So also, wealth creation is based on laws. There are foundational laws and laws for building blocks.

From my observation, I have discovered that there are inner and outer laws of wealth creation. The inner laws can also be called the foundational laws. And the outer laws must be built on the inner laws for it to produce lasting result.
You can not operate one without the other; both laws must be in operation for you to be substantially successful financially. The inner laws which are the foundational laws must be exercised first, so as to sustain the outer laws which you must operate too.

Always remember that there is no building without the foundation. The stronger the foundation, the stronger and the safer the building. The building lasts for a longer period because of the foundation. This is also true of the financial laws. Work a lot on the inner laws and build it strong.

Based on my years of study, research and proven results, I have encapsulated these laws into sentences/quotes. I am still learning because there is no genuine wealthy man that stops learning. One of the rules of wealth creation and multiplication is continuous effective learning.

According to me, the 1st financial law is an inner law and it is the foundation of all laws.
LAW 1 –
Your outside status will always measure up with your inner state.

Have you heard of or read this from the bible that “as a man thinks in his heart so is he”. The 1st financial law is almost the exact paraphrase of this verse. You are the exact product of your inner state. Notice, I did not say your inner state will always measure up with your outside status. The reason is because one precedes the other. Inner state precedes outside status. The inner state produces what the outside condition should look like. Your inner state creates your world. Look at your results now, that’s the exact representation of your inner state.

Lets do a simple exercise. How much do you spend monthly (both money and time) to upgrade your inner state and elevate your awareness? Write the answer down. The answer reflects in your results. You might say I don’t have much money to purchase these materials. It’s not how much you have, it’s how passionate you are.

Let me give you an example of most people’s inner state. Most people work to make money. Working to make money is as a result of your conditioning. Most have been told since their childhood to grow up and work to earn money. But I have got news for you.

The worst way of making money is by working. Working is supposed to be a way of expressing your love for what you do. Working is for satisfaction and fulfilling your purpose not to make money. Money could be a by product of the work but that’s not the main purpose. Money is made by applying specific laws and solving problems.

If I give you $1 million today and the first thing that comes to your mind is to resign from your job, then you are in the wrong place. Start planning your way out of the place now. The above example is a reflection of most people’s inner state.